The MX5 Restorer originated as a welding repair specialist which provided quality and long lasting fabrication work to keep MX5’s on the road. Over the years, we have perfected the process and we now strive for nothing less than factory finish and quality. Not only do we make meticulous effort to ensure shape, but we go above in beyond to ensure no rust is left and that everything is in fact fully protected before anything goes back together, which is something Mazda failed to do from the factory.

Below are the most common rust issues we see and repairs we carry out, however we are very familiar with corrosion damage across the whole car. We can complete any welding work or fabrication style repairs that an MX5 could need. For more details on each of the repairs listed, please click on the repair below.

Rear Sill

Rear sill repairs start at £420 including parts, materials, labour and VAT.

Rear Sill and Arch

Full repairs from only £882 per side, including all parts, materials, labour and VAT.

Front Chassis Rail

We always repair chassis rails in pairs, if one needs doing, the other won’t be far behind it.

Windscreen Surround

Prices vary depending on severity of the rust, but start at £350 including all parts, materials, labour and VAT.

Floor Rail

We have developed another repair panel that allows the rusty area to be cut out and a new panel can be welded into place.

Other Welding

If you have a big project that needs our attention we would be happy to discuss it with you, we will be happy to help!

Non MX5 Welding

We have carried out many repairs on other cars, we welcome a different challenge!

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