The MX5 Restorers reputation and business model was built on the back of the quality of our welding repairs, the rest of the business developed from there, our whole business has been built on the philosophy of “do it right or not at all” which is never more important than it is with welding repairs.

With that in mind we got fed up with seeing poor quality patch repairs in another common rust area on the MX5, this is the seam on the front of the floor rails, as a result we have developed another repair panel that allows the rusty area to be cut out and a new panel can be welded into place which recreates a very close to original look, the panels can be purchased from our shop, or you can have them supplied and fitted by us.


Supply and fit floor rail repair panels, including all protective coatings inside and out – £240 for one side, or £440 per the pair, including all parts, materials, labour and VAT

Or you can order the panels from our shop.

Call or email to book yours in, or discuss your requirements, we often give estimates via email, all we need is some photos of the rusty areas, although this is not always as accurate as seeing the car in person our extensive experience with these repairs allows us to be fairly accurate with email estimates, which gives you a good ball park figure to work with.

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